Chihuahuas Rescued Rrom Abandoned Warehouse – Give Birth 36 Hours Later – So Precious!

Yogi and Susie were among the thousands of dogs, living in fear and hunger in the streets of Los Angeles, CA. These two sweet pups had sought refuge in a ditch filled with brush and trash alongside a fence of a vacant commercial building. Neighbors said, they had lived there for almost a year and survived only off scraps and throw-aways. Having survived on the streets for so long, Yogi and Susie were afraid of people. When a good Samaritan called Death Row Dogs Rescue (, a volunteer went out immediately but wasn’t able to catch them. Eldad Hagar, with Hope for Paws, who specializes in helping street dogs, came to their aid and within hours, Yogi and Susie were rescued and initially taken care of by a kind vet. Susie was pregnant and delivered 5 beautiful puppies 36 hours after being rescued! Only through a miracle, Death Row Dogs Rescue had an experienced foster home who helped Susie deliver her pups. Numerous complications followed the delivery, which would have resulted in the death of Susie and her pups, would they not have been rescued in time. The little family needed a lot of TLC and Death Row Dogs Rescue’s Foster home has spend night after night, caring for them. Susie and Yogi have regained trust in humans and are recovering from their traumatic experiences of street-life. Both are very healthy and bonded and must find a home together. The puppies are thriving in the loving foster home and will have an easy transition into their forever homes. Death Row Dogs Rescue is now accepting applications for Yogi and Susie and for the precious pups!
(818) 232-0775

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